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Thailand Travel Guide

Things to Do When Exploring Pattaya

As a beach city, Pattaya is laid back but not at all lacking in terms fun things to see and do. What can you do in Pattaya? Many, but of course, it depends on what kind of experience you're looking for. Here are great suggestions:


1. Indulge in glorious white sand beaches.


What Pattaya trip wouldn't start with a day at the beach? After all, the entire city is one! There are plenty of activities you can enjoy on a single day trip, like power sailing, island hopping, shopping and of course, exploring the vibrant cuisine! Look for hotels in Pattaya now!


2. Behold art.


If you're coming to Pattaya with kids, serve them up some gorgeous Thai art. Art in Paradise is a favorite museum that stuns children with really cool works and optical illusions. The place will give your little ones an unforgettable experience.


3. Hop on the floating market.


If you didn't get the chance to get on any of the floating markets in Bangkok, then you can make up for that in Pattaya. You'll have to take a taxi, but ask your hotel for some help with the directions.


4. Walk around the Walking Street (and do whatever you like).


Yes, do check out Walking Street where people practically never sleep. There are plenty of nice little bars and all kinds of nightlife all over this part of the coastal city - more laid back for most people, but surely an experience worth having. If you're here with the boys, don't leave without checking out the Walking Street. You can also explore Pattaya at night


5. Watch some Muay Thai boxing.


Actually, the first thing you might want to do the moment you set foot in Pattaya is watch a Muay Thai boxing match, which usually happens daily or sometimes weekly. As you know, Muay Thai boxing is the most popular sport in the entire country. People at your hotel should be able to tell you where the events are and how you can get there. Most probably, they will call you a taxi to take you there and then back.


These are only some of the best things you can do in Pattaya City. There's obviously more out there to explore, but you can surely start with these five. If you've heard many great things about this beach city, this is the best time to see if they're true. And of course, like any other who has tried to feed their own curiosities about the place, you will surely leave satisfied. For more travel tips, read